Hybrids Using Parvisepalum and Brachypetalum


Updated: January 11, 2005

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FS = Flowering Size, NFS = Near Flowering Size, Sdlng = Seedling

Armeni White (armeniacum x delenatii)
Nice tall stems, occasionally two flowers, not difficult to flower.
2 1/4" pot Lrg Sdlng 15.00


Blanchette (Psyche x niveum)
A good white hybrid, nice round flowers & well presented.  Some are almost pure white, most are clear white with some dusting of red spots
2 3/4" pot FS 25.00


Charlie O'Neill (godefroyae X micranthum)
Haven't seen this hybrid before. I would guess that it should have moderately tall stems with pink flowers and darker pink or reddish veining.
21/4" pot  NSF 20.00


Colorkulii (sukhakulii x concolor)
This hybrid brings out the best of both parents. 1-2 medium sized golden yellow flowers with red and maroon spotting presented well on a compact plant. This hybrid is also easy to grow and flower.
2 1/4" pot NFS 15.00


Hsinying Concon (concolor x conco-bellatulum) x armeniacum
Yellow flowers throughout with maroon spots, large pouch and should flower easily.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


( conco-bellatulum X rothschildianum)
Possibility multifloral in rich colors of yellow and gold with red/mahogany striping. Could be a real winner.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


Delophyllum (delenatii x glaucophyllum)
Multi-floral with pink fuzzy flowers.  Easy to flower & grow.  These often flower twice per year.
4" pot FS 25.00


Deperle (delenatii x primulinum)
Multifloral white.  Easy to flower, easy to grow.  What could be better?
4" pot FS 25.00


Dollgoldi (rothschildianum x armeniacum)
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 20.00


Dorothy Newman (delenatii X tonsum)
Should have shinny round flowers in nice shades of pink.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


Fanaticum (malipoense x micranthum)
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


Fumi's Delight (micranthum x armeniacum)  the first of these have bloomed and they are exceptional.  Very large full flowers, cream  or yellow colored overlaid with a nice even raspberry tessellation
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 20.00


Gloria Nagle (micranthum x rothschildianum)
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 20.00


Guacamole (glaucophyllum x malipoense)
Green base colored flowers with flares of red and maroon on medium length stems. Occasionally multifloral and easy to bloom.
2 1/4" pot NFS 15.00
3 1/4" pot FS 35.00


Harold Koopowitz (malipoense X rothschildianum)
Huge flowers with dramatic presentation. Wonderful gold-green colors with richly colored markings.
2 1/4" pot Lrg Sdlng 25.00


Lyneigh Koopowitz (delenatii 'Humungous' X malipoense 'Jolly Green Giant' FCC/AOS)
A combining of two fabulous species. One of the Parvi primaries hybrids that is a must have for every collector.  This cross is easy to flower, sometimes blooming twice per year.
2 1/4" pot NFS 20.00
3 1/4" pot FS 30.00


Lake Shinsei (armeniacum x conco-bellatulum)
One or two yellow flowers with maroon spotting.  Expect a large pouch and easy flowering characteristics.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


Magic Lantern (micranthum x delenatii)
Wonderful pink color with a large bulbous pink pouch.  Seems to grow and flower easily.
3 1/4" pot FS 30.00


Norito Hasegawa (malipoense x armeniacum)
Yellow-green  color overall with some red spotting or veining in the petals.
2 1/4" pot Sdlng 15.00


Psyche x wilhelminiae
The first of these are flowering and am I surprised and pleased with the results.  2-3 wonderful large flowers in tones of rosy pink/red.
2 1/4" pot  Sdlng 25.00
3 1/4" pot  NFS 45.00


Snow Squall (Greyi 'alba' x delenatii)
Round flower form, white with pink/red markings on the petals and dorsal presented on medium length stem.
2 1/4" pot  FS 15.00


Yospur (conco-bellatulum x delenatii)
Nice large white flower with a dusting of red spots.  Generally two flowers per stem.
2 1/4" pot  FS 20.00